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702 Rox Podcast At Forte Tapas Restaurant – 11-20-15

702 Rox Podcast

Check out the interview that I had on the 702 Rox Podcast on 11-20-15. We chatted about some good food and some natural solutions too!

Did You Know?

I met Roxy at a networking event this year and was happy to come on her show. She is the Social Media MD and is super connected in the Las Vegas area!


Podcast Summary

In the podcast, we talked a little bit of my background and how I got started on my wellness journey. This includes using green smoothies and essential oils as a form of natural healthcare. 


I love helping people learn more about these topics since they’ve changed my life in so many ways. I feel so much more empowered about my health and don’t feel like I have to panic the moment I start to get sick.


Instead, I can focus on prevention and making sure that I have the proper nutrition and essential oils within arms reach!


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Make sure to follow 702 Rox for more podcasts and some cool interviews that she has with locals. I always learn something new and can’t wait to join her on her next podcast or show!


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