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What Is The Make And Brand Of Protein Powder That You Use?

Make and brand of protein powder

This week’s question comes from SBmommy805 and she asks, “What is the make and brand of protein powder that you use?” Watch the video below to learn more.

Did You Know?

The amount of protein we get is not the issue since we get more than enough on a daily basis. The quality of protein is the real issue.


The Main Problem We All Face

Hormones, antibiotics, steroids in meats, dairy, and eggs on top of pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modification of plants is a problem we all have to face with our food supply. These all add in toxins and unintended long term consequences when we consume them.


What Make and Brand Of Protein Powder Do You Use?

I use a protein powder that is organic, raw, and plant based. It is free of toxic chemicals and contain the enzymes and fiber needed for proper digestion.Make and brand of protein powder


It’s made from hempseeds and pea protein and has some maca powder for energy as well. It’s slightly sweetened with herbal stevia and comes in 4 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, berry, and unflavored.


I’ve been using this protein powder for about a year and half and love it. It tastes great in my smoothies and use it a lot in other recipes like pancakes and desserts.


In Summary

The quality of protein powder that you use in your smoothies is very important. Using something that your body agrees with and provides the proper amount of nutrition without the hidden toxins is key.


What Are My Next Steps?

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