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Class Description:

Learn about a more wholefoods lifestyle and how to improve your health with a 60 minute class or networking option below. The top 3 benefits people receive of the 30 day green smoothie challenge are more energy, better digestion, and weight loss.


3 Super Easy Ways To Learn:

1.) Group Class (Las Vegas & Henderson)

2.) Home Party (Las Vegas & Henderson)

3.) 1 on 1 Class (Over the phone/Skype)


Green Smoothie Group Class

Type: Free Home Party

Date & Time: Flexible

Location: Your Home (Las Vegas & Henderson)

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Green Smoothie Over the Phone classType: Free 1 on 1 Class

Date & Time: Flexible

Location: Over the Phone or Skype (U.S. & Canada)

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In Summary

Moving from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a more whole foods and plant based way of eating is a lifestyle and isn’t a fad or diet.


I’ve seen more consistent energy (no crashes), better digestion (very regular), and weight loss with the 30 day green smoothie challenge and haven’t looked back since!


What Are My Next Steps?

Book a group or 1 on 1 class with me today so we can started on improving your long term wellness and boosting your quality of life today! 😀


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