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Why These Top 9 Movies About Food Will Make You Question Everything

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What are some of the best movies about food out right now? Why should I care? What does all this have to do with Smoothies? I’ll answer all these and then some. Let’s get started!

Top 9 Movies About Food

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates, Ancient Greek Physician


The Problem With The Standard American Diet Of Processed Foods, Sugars, And Toxic Additives

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Ignorance is bliss?” When it comes to what’s in your food, that may work for the short term, but it will catch up with you in the long run eventually. The main offenders are listed below, but there are many more running around wreaking havoc…

1.) Processed meats (Contains toxic substances and increase your LDL or bad cholesterol)


2.) Artificial sugars and sweeteners such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, Splenda, and Aspartame (HFCS is high in calories and the others are toxic substances that are not good for your mind and body)


3.) Fruits and veggies sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides (These are toxic chemicals that are stored in your fat cells)


4.) Cows, Pigs, Chickens, And Turkeys pumped with antibiotics and/or steroids (These are more toxic substances that can increase your resistance to antibiotics or cause other negative bodily reactions). If you eat meat, choosing organic, grass fed, and free range is your best bet.


These “foods” can lead to constipation, stomach pains, indigestion, diarrhea, and the most infamous of them all…INTERNAL INFLAMMATION. What satisfies your tongue in the here and now could cause future complications for your stomach and digestive tract.


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I Invite You To Think About 3 Important Questions

1.) Where are you most out of balance?


2.) How long have you thought about changing this?


3.) What if nothing changes?


How Watching Movies About Food Can Improve Your Health

The turning point for me came when I looked at my own health and asked myself if there was a better way. I used to struggle with many digestion issues, headaches, and stomach pain until I learned about more natural and whole food options.


The Top 4 MISTAKES I Used To Make Are Listed Below…

1.) Thinking that all fruits and veggies are “treated” equal (Sounds like, “Organic = Non Organic”)


2.) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating meat (Sounds like, “Meat = Only Source Of Protein”)


3.) There’s no problems with drinking milk at all (Sounds like, “Don’t Touch My Ice Cream, Cheese, or Protein Whey or I will bite you”)


4.) Processed foods, meats, and sugars are okay for me since my body can handle it (Sounds like, “The label says low fat, no fat, or no sugar so it must be good for me, right?”)


The Top 9 Movies About Food In A Nutshell

Note: These movies aren’t listed in any particular order below. They were assembled based on the feedback and discussions from some of my close friends and mentors. 😀


1.) Food, Inc.

What really goes into your food? This documentary came out in 2008 and takes a hard look at the food industry and shows what “really” goes on behind the scenes. Make sure you aren’t eating anything during this movie. The truth may hit you in more places than one. This film is rated PG and is 94 minutes long. Click here for the full review of Food, Inc. on Amazon.


2.) Forks Over Knives 

Do you like using forks over knives? This is a documentary that was released in 2011 and shows how a eating a more plant based diet can reverse and even prevent most (if not all) degenerative diseases. This is in addition to rejecting animal  and processed foods. If you like eating meat and processed foods, DO NOT watch this movie until you’re ready for the truth. This film is rated PG and is 90 minutes long. Click here for the full review of Forks Over Knives on Amazon.


3.) Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 

This 97 minute documentary shows the story of Joe Cross. A 310 lb man who was over 100 lbs overweight and suffering from the effects of steroids and a autoimmune disease. This movie came out in 2010 and is rated PG. It will make you take a long hard look in the mirror just like Joe did. Click here for the full review of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead on Amazon.


4.) Earthlings 

Does the concept of animals for profit sound good to you? Earthlings highlights how the food industries “really work” with the use of hidden cameras and never before seen footage. If you’ve never thought about where your shoes, clothes, food, or pets come from then this movie will stimulate some thinking and discussion. Note: This is NOT for the faint of heart. 95 Minutes long. Produced in 2005. Click here for the full review of Earthlings on Amazon.


5.) Vegucated

What would happen if 3 meat and cheese loving New Yorkers became Vegan for six weeks? This 76 minute documentary walks through the day and the life of these 3 people and shows how they “survive” this ordeal. This comedic film came out in 2011 and provides some good light hearted fun. Click here for the full review of Vegucated on Amazon.


6.) Food Matters 

Can food help or harm you? This documentary gathers together some of the leading experts in the medical, food, and media industries to expose the pros and cons of raw food, organic food, food safety, and therapy through nutrition. Get ready to be enlightened. Rated PG. Released in 2008. 80 mins long. Click here for the full review of Foodmatters on Amazon.


7.) Fast Food Nation 

How does fast food affect our environment and interactions with each other? This 116 minute film is a little longer than the others, but it examines the health risks of the fast food industry and sheds a little light on the what goes on day to day. This movie is rated R and is for mature audiences. Released in 2006 and is a fictionalized movie of a New York Times Best Selling book. Click here for the full review of Fast Food Nation on Amazon.


8.) Supersize Me 

What would happen if you ate only McDonalds for a whole month? This real life documentary shows how Morgan Spurlock did just that (even against the will of his doctors). One would argue that this was an experiment done to the extreme, but one could argue that the food has effects on the body regardless of the amount or frequency eaten. Released in 2004. Rated PG. 100 mins. Click here for the full review of Super Size Me on Amazon.


9.) Origins 

What would happen if the brightest minds in human and environmental health got together to create a film? This movie collects the insights of over 20 industry leaders and explores how what we eat and our lifestyle choices can dramatically affect our health and the planet we live on. Are you tired of being sick? Are you sick of being tired? This FREE movie is for you. Click here to view the Origins trailer on The Official Website and then click on the “Get the Movie Free” button.


How do you see these movies and documentaries making a difference in your life?


Summary So Far

Eating right has nothing to do with being vegetarian, vegan, or cutting out meat, dairy, eggs, or honey out of your diet. Eating right is about learning as much as you can about the various food industries, knowing someone that you trust so you can bounce questions off of, and then making educated decisions when it comes to improving your health.


Whether you call yourself a Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore, adding more live and whole foods to your diet is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Organic fruits and veggies are free of harmful chemicals, are loaded with nutrients, and are a good source of fiber (improves digestion and can reduce your bad cholesterol).


What Do I Do Now?

The first thing to do is pick one of the movies below and watch it on Amazon today!Top 9 Movies About Food 2


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