My Crazy Story

Did you know that the #1 killer in the United States is heart disease?Lance McGowan Curious Face2


In fact, heart attacks and strokes take more lives each year than all cancers combined. Pretty scary huh? This scared me even more when I found out some bad news about my mom that changed my life forever.


The Problem with the Standard American Diet

I can remember my mom making some of her famous Korean BBQ, rice, and kimchi (spicy cabbage) and the smell drifting into my room. “Lance!” She called from the kitchen to let me know that dinner was ready. In high school, I would be doing homework or be playing some type of video game so I never came immediately. This made her upset.Lance McGowan and Mom


My mom would then proceed to say, “Don’t make me come in there!” in her cute-little-angry Korean voice. I grew up with an African American Dad and a Korean Mom so I ate everything from fried chicken and chitlins to bone soup and pig feet (don’t ask).


I found out later that my mom used to eat mostly rice and kimchi growing up and meat was only eaten on special occasions a couple times a year. Looking at pictures when my mom was younger absolutely stunned me.


Brown eyes, wavy black hair, and a cute Asian smile. I remember going to Disney Land in California with her when I was younger and having so much fun with her running around and posing for goofy little pictures together.


It wasn’t until she came to America in the 1980’s and started eating more fast food, fatty foods, and high sodium foods did things start to change inside of her. What she didn’t realize is that these types of food made up the Standard American Diet (S-A-D).Lance McGowan and Mom at Disney World


The sad thing is that she started having shortness of breath and couldn’t go up or downstairs without major issues in her 50’s. She eventually went to see her doctor. They found out that she had numerous clogged arteries and that she would have a heart attack any day without surgery. My mom said yes and received triple bypass surgery in the summer of 2000 when I was about 14 years old.


This forever changed my life because I saw my mom in a condition that I couldn’t do anything about. I felt helpless, even useless. I later saw her have to take countless medications every day for blood pressure, cholesterol, stomach pain, and the list goes on.


I started to ask myself at an early age if there was a better way to live?


The Solution to Breaking Unhealthy Habits

My story took a turn for the better when I picked up a few pamphlets from the doctor’s office when my mom was getting a checkup one day. I grabbed a few things about living a healthier lifestyle and that intrigued me at the time. I learned so much about how the body worked and what I could do to have more energy and prevent a lot of health diseases.Lance McGowan and Mom at Graduation


The most important thing I learned struck me in college when I was taking a health and nutrition class at Ohio State. I learned about the biggest solution and driver of change in my health…Eating Right.


It was so simple, yet so hard for me to do. I felt like the more I learned, the more I didn’t know. On top of that, I was surrounded my unhealthy choices, social pressures to eat what other people ate, and the weird tendency to overeat at “all you can eat buffets” to make sure I got my “money’s worth.”


I kept pushing forward and taking more classes about health and testing out new and different foods to see what would help with my energy, muscle tone, and digestion. I began to embark on a lifestyle change and develop better habits that went beyond the latest diet or fad.


Who is Lance?

I help people accomplish their goals with healthy and delicious tropical smoothies. I have over 6 years work experience with a multi-billion dollar food and beverage company where I worked as an analyst and people manager. I’ve seen what goes into great consumable products and want to provide you with the highest level of service and quality.Lance McGowan Business Portrait


On top of that, I’ve been a health coach since November 2013 and have worked with many top performers in the wellness industry and have taken their best practices and applied them to my life. I’m passionate about sharing those learnings with you in an impactful way starting TODAY.


Does that make you excited or what?


How I Learned to Eat Right in Today’s World

If we are not getting the results that we want, it’s because we are not asking the right questions. I love tropical smoothies with a burning desire and know that beyond great taste, wellness is a goal of many people I talk with. 


Below are 3 important questions that I encourage you to ask yourself:

Lance McGowan acting funny after questions

  1. What positive feelings and activities would you like to experience more of?
  2. What are your top 3 wellness goals?
  3. How do you see these making a difference in your life?


Sometimes we can avoid the tough questions because they may make us feel guilty or bad about what we are doing, but I encourage you to think of them as a way to step outside your comfort zone as I’ve had to do many times in order to improve my health in a meaningful way. 


Eating right in today’s world involves more than just great information. It involves a community of like-minded individuals that are ready to step in and help each other. My mission is to provide you that on this website and my blog so I can truly make all this a magical experience for you.


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is connect with me so we can get this Tropical Smoothie Party started TODAY! OR you can read up on some of the other “Secrets” I have hiding in my closet (i.e. blog). 😀


Your Tropical Smoothie Guy,

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