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How Do You Eat When Traveling Overseas To Another Country

How do you eat when traveling overseas

Traveling overseas to a more rural or remote place and trying to drink smoothies may be a challenge. Check out the video to learn more.

Did You Know?

Cholera is one type of health issue that can occur from drinking contaminated water.


The Main Problem We All Face

Have you ever traveled for business, vacation, or a mission trip and had little to no healthy whole food options to choose from? In more remote or rural places, sometimes a strategy of gratitude and creativity may need to be employed.


How I Eat Healthy When Traveling Overseas

In places where I can’t plug in a blender or drink a smoothie I made, I would do my best to consume as many whole foods as possible that are close to the earth.How do you eat when traveling overseas


Being careful about the water I drink would also be a goal so I wouldn’t get foreign bacteria that my body isn’t used to as well. This helps to minimize digestion issues like diarrhea and other stomach problems.


Boiling the water I get or drinking out of water bottles is a good strategy to make sure there’s no trouble down below.


In Summary

In rural or remote places, eating more whole foods and sticking to water that is boiled or bottled would be the best bet. Coming back home would give me an appreciation for what I have for sure.


What Are My Next Steps?

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