How The Tropical Smoothie Menu Once Saved The World From Going Bananas

What would your favorite tropical smoothie menu item be? Would it be tropical smoothies by chance or something else? DUH Lance, starts with “T” and ends with “ropical!” Well I certainly appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm! 😀


However, with the expanded menu of many tropical smoothie locations to more salads, sandwiches, deserts, etc. there comes a little bit of a tendancy to be a “jack of all trades” and a master of NONE when getting yo smoothie on and it’s important to consider cost, service and most of all…Quality.

Tropical Smoothie Menu Bananas

“Everything in food works together to create health or disease.” T. Colin Campbell, PhD


Now I’ll be the first to tell you that I like a variety of foods. It’s kind of like my tongue gets bored too easily and wants something delicious, sweet, and savory every now and then (like everyday, jk, but kinda serious).


On the flipside, my stomach could care less how it tastes as long as its nutritious (i.e. lean protein, high in fiber, healthy plant based fats, and no processed or toxic ingredients). It could take the same thing day in and day out. 


And so the two go at it like cat and mouse (or tongue and stomach?)


You’re Body Really Craves Nutrition, But is Attracted To Other “Stuff”

Is this some type of philosophical mumbo jumbo? Not exactly…it’s easier to prevent health related issues now by “eating right” than it is to reverse them through reactive measures like surgery, chemotherapy, and medications in our 50’s and 60’s.


That’s why choosing from a tropical smoothie menu of your own that is simple yet comprehensive is ultra-important for your wellness.


The Problem with the Law of Attraction

Your body craves what you’ve been feeding it. If that includes a lot of processed sugar, high animal fat based foods, and carbs with low or no vitamins, minerals, and fiber then that is what your body will be attracted to.


On top of that. Many smoothie locations have trouble with your food being exposed to toxic chemicals, insects, and who know what else. This is just the stuff that made news (not sure what else is out there).


Wanna have some “REAL FUN (term used very loosely)?” Try typing in “Dining” on ABC Action News. Kinda makes you not want to eat out…like…EVER.

ABC Action News Dirty Dining 2

Moral of the story: Making your own smoothies is ideal…


How to Attract the Right Solution for Your Health

Where can you find the most nutrient dense tropical smoothie menu? The lowest calorie, highest vitamin and mineral menu is recommended for you below…


Make your taste buds thank you. Let’s be real. Taste is important and your taste buds can get bored pretty quickly (or make you not want to eat something if it tastes bad). Help them thank you with a tropical smoothie that makes your mouth water and your tummy beg in anticipation.


Sweet and savory tropical fruits never sounded so good!


Excellent Variety. Let’s mix it up! Healthy options such as: mangos, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, pineapples, and dare I say it…greens add a lot of value. That’s correct, neutral tasting greens like spinach and chard will add a nutritional kick to your tropical smoothie and give your body the variety it’s been asking for.


Nutrient Dense. Did you know that spinach has the highest % of protein compared to all the other greens? What! This nutrient dense superfood is ready to give you a sense of fullness and fiber that your stomach has only dreamed about (especially in combo with other greens and fruit).


More importantly, the tropical fruits and other greens you use (like collard greens, swiss chard, and kale) will add insoluble plant fiber that serves as a broom for your insides (it cleans you out)! There’s more to the pic below (i.e. fruit, I just left it out).

Spinach Collard Greens Swiss chard and kale

Kale kinda looks like a broom too. Tee-hee.


Unique yet simple. The menu that I’ve created is quick and easy. It’s more principle based and is something that we ALL can do.


Time to Break it Down…In Order of Importance & Nutrient Density:

The Wholefoods Philosophy

1.) Greens (Raw): eat 3-6 servings per day


2.) Vegetables (Mostly Raw): consume 3-4 servings per day


3.) Fruits (Raw): munch on 2-3 servings per day


4.) Legumes: gobble up 1-2 servings per day


5.) Whole grains: eat 1-2 servings per day


6.) Nuts & seeds: snack on 1-2 servings per day


7.) Unprocessed oils, fats, and sweeteners: use 0-1 servings per day


Tropical Smoothie Menu Conclusions (Pros Outweigh the Cons – 10 vs. 3)


10 Pros

1.) Super-Duper high in nutrition. especially when greens are added


2.) Low calorie. about 400 calories per quart or 4 cups of blended awesomeness!


3.) Raw plant foods. preserves enzymes for better digestion


4.) You’ll lose more weight (or maintain a healthy body weight). over time with daily consumption with all the fiber and protein. Helps to push toxins out too.


5.) You’ll have more energy. your cells will be jumping for joy (perhaps even doing backflips)!


6.) Ease of eating a whole foods diet. just grab, blend, and drink. Behavior–> Habit–> Lifestyle


7.) No processed foods. Free of refined carbs that withhold valuable nutrients for your body


8.) Decreases risks of potential health issues and diet related problems.


9.) Lowest time spent in kitchen for maximum health benefit. 5-5-5 Rule: 5 minutes prep, 5 minutes to make, 5 minutes to clean up!


10.) Low cost: costs me about $21 for 3 large servings which is an average of $7 per quart



1.) No animal products in supps are a plus. Free of whey which is overly processed and has little to no fiber.


2.) No soy in supps is a plus. Free of endocrine disrupters which mess up your hormones.


3.) No rice in supps is a plus. Free of exposure to toxicity/radiation due to Fukishima disaster and Japanese trade winds carrying up all that to China (where most rice in supps is sourced).

3 Cons

1.) Need to go grocery shoppingwhich costs time and frustration if you don’t know where everything is at in the store (or what certain greens look or taste like). For example Arugula has a bitter taste and Mustard greens have a spicier taste (not the best for sweeter smoothies).


2.) Need a high powered blender to get tropical smoothie into a smooth and rich texture that’s easier to drink…without bits and chunks with a lot of blenders on the market. The more smooth, the better for digestion (stomach has to do less work, which leaves more energy to go to your cells).


3.) Need to clean up the food pieces that weren’t used and clean blender…which can be a hassle if you are strapped for time or are not in the mood to do any-THANG!


What’s Next Lance?

Check out this dead-simple Tropical Smoothie Recipe that is easy to make and is tasty. It’s “da bomb!” Uh…Figuratively speaking, of course (Don’t want any nasty-grams).

This Tropical Smoothie Recipe Will Stop North Korea



Your Tropical Smoothie Guy,

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