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How This Tropical Smoothie Recipe Will Stop North Korea

This Tropical Smoothie Recipe Will Stop North Korea-Instagram

What Tropical Recipe would be powerful enough to stop North Korea? What if we could missile over one of these smoothies over to them? Maybe the missiles would cancel out in mid air or something. The best one I’ve ever had has two main qualities…Healthy AND Delicious. That’s right! You heard me straight. It’s possible to have something be good for you and taste great.

This Tropical Smoothie Recipe Will Stop North Korea

Have you heard the saying, “You aren’t what you eat. You are what you absorb.”


It’s been said that you are what you eat. What if that was all wrong? What if you are what your body absorbs AFTER you eat?


Seems like there’s a “slight” problem we need to work through then…


The Problem With What We Eat On a Daily Basis

Did you know that one of the best ways to eat healthy follows an 80-10-10 Rule? In other words, 80% of our calories should come from carbs, 10% from fats, and 10% from proteins.


Are you kidding me?! Don’t calories make me fat?


The problem is that we look at calories as bad, but in reality, calories are a source of fuel for our body.

However, what most people miss is the 4 SUPER CRITICAL POINTS below…


4 Important Points About Calories From Carbs

1.) Calories are a unit of ENERGY for you. Calories serve as fuel for your body. You need carbs to survive, but too much or too little can cause issues for you. That’s why striking a balance is essential.


For example, too little calories and your blood sugar will decrease causing headaches, shakes, irritability, or even something worse. Too many calories and your body will store any excess not used in daily processes as fat.


2.) WHEN you eat calories is important. Eating a higher ratio of them in the morning gives you more time to burn off the calories throughout the day. However, when you eat more at night, your body has less time to burn off the calories.


Remember, any calories not used by your body is stored as fat. Your body has to put the excess somewhere (Love handles are great, I just can’t handle that kinda love).


3.) How much you eat AT ONCE is critical. Your body can use or absorb about 600-800 calories at one time. This means if you eat a meal of 1000 calories you’ll most likely store 200-400 calories if you don’t burn it off the rest of the day.


Storing calories as fat is pretty easy to do these days with tropical smoothie locations expanding their menus to more food options and with high sugar sweets and treats that put pounds in places we rather not feel something at.


4.) The QUALITY of calories you eat is vital. Think in terms of “simple” and “complex.” Carbs will be simple and have little to no fiber or complex and have lots of fiber.


Then think in terms of “refined” and “unrefined.”


Carbs will either be refined and stripped of fiber, minerals, and nutrients or unrefined and contain everything that nature gave it. Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer, reduces bad cholesterol, and pushes out toxins that make you feel crappy.


Which one of these items above served as an “AH-HAH” moment for you?


The Ultimate 6 Ingredient Tropical Smoothie Recipe You’ve Been Looking ForThis Tropical Smoothie Recipe Will Stop North Korea-Instagram

1.) 1 ½ cups water

2.) 1 ½ cups of spinach (or 3 large handfuls)

3.) 1 ½ cups of kale (or 2 large leaves with stems)

4.) 1 cup frozen mixed berries (1 cold handful)

5.) 1 cup frozen mangos (or pineapples)

6.) 1 banana


Important Note: Buying Organic is ideal since it’s free of herbicides, pesticides, and toxic chemicals. We invest in stocks because of the current value it has and in hopes that it will increase in value. You already have enormous value and worth. It’s time you invested in your health.


The Directions (Basically Blend Then Blend Again)

Step 1: In a high speed blender, blend water and greens for 30 seconds until smooth.


Special Note: Buying a Blendtec or Vitamix is a great decision if you don’t already have one of them. They are the best in the game since they break down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and make them easier to digest.


Plus it all goes down easier when it’s in liquid vs. chunky form. I personally like the 7 year warranty of Blendtec. If it breaks down, they fix it for FREE (Vitamix has a great warranty too).


Step 2: Add fruit and blend for 30 seconds until smooth


Step 3: This makes about 4 cups = 1 quart = about 10 servings = 700% more than most Americans get in a week!


Step 4: This all keeps fresh for about 48 hours in a sealed jar in the fridge. Any longer and oxidation speeds up the decomposition process which negatively affects taste and decreases nutritional value (Think cutting an apple open and watching it turn brown in minutes).


3 Helpful Tips To Keep On The Top of Your Mind

1.) Use a variety of greens like Spinach, Kale, Chard, & Collard Greens to give your body a better nutritional spectrum


2.) Maximize greens and minimize fruits for more fiber, vitamins, and minerals (I started out with more fruits and then gradually changed the ratio).


Taste AND Nutrition are important. If it tastes bad, I’m not going to eat it. If it’s not healthy, my body will have a weaker immune system and smack me upside my head with a cold or sickness later on.


3.) Sweeten only with stevia, fruits, or dates to avoid spiking your blood sugar. Use all natural and plant based solutions. You’re body will recognize them like a long lost friend from elementary school.


Time to Wrap This All Up Like a Christmas Present

There are tons of tropical smoothie recipes out there, but which one is the best for you? Your body has specific needs that affect your mind, mood, and sleep. Choosing a simple, quick, and life changing tropical smoothie recipe is important.


Knowing the different types of carbs is also imperative when talking with friends, family, and co-workers since they are likely to balk at the 80-10-10 Rule. What’s interesting is that the tropical smoothie recipe that I gave earlier is only about 400 calories! 


Just continue to stay informed and keep on learning and you’ll do fine!


What Do I Do Now?

Awesome question! Sign up for a FREE infographic and join me for my 6 part training series where I walk you through more delicious information that you can absorb 100% of at any time you want!


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