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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to: What are Trace Minerals?

What are trace minerals

What are trace minerals? This blog review will cover the basics of what trace minerals are and the supplement I’ve been using for over a year and have seen some positive results. Let’s get started.

What are trace minerals

The Problem We All Face

Did you know that the modern agricultural practices of the past have depleted most of the naturally occurring minerals in our soil? That’s right, even people who eat 60% or more of raw and organic whole fruits and veggies may still need supplementation in the form of trace minerals.


Did You Know?

Everything that happens in the human body needs trace minerals. This includes 74+ minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. Most of us are mineral deficient which can cause everything from issues with waking up, staying awake during the day, to issues falling asleep at night.


The problem is that most trace mineral supplements are rock derived and have a low absorption rate (bioavailability) by the body. The good news is that fulvic acid is one of the most bioavailable form of minerals and is sourced from ancient plant deposits for best results.


Trace Minerals 101

When looking for a trace minerals supplement, choosing one that contains fulvic and humic acids from a plant based source is very important. These two are the most highly concentrated raw ingredients available today.


Fulvic and humic acids (and the nutrients they bring to the table) come in the right amounts, are organic, and come in an ionic form that your body can easily receive and benefit from (like a close friend who gives you a greeting card). Some people have even experienced better nail growth from using trace minerals.


The Top 11 Benefits of Trace Minerals

What are trace minerals

1.) Gives nutrients to your cells easier (it’s like a UPS package that you’ve been waiting to receive)


2.) Delivers nutrients directly into cells (can walk through cell walls like a super hero in X-Men)


3.) Optimizes the functions of your cell membrane (the membrane is the outer shell of a cell and is sensitive on what it lets in and out)


4.) Encourages a healthy gut environment (talk about a gut check!)


5.) Increases the absorption of other supplements (this is great if you are doing green smoothies and using plant based supps as well)


6.) Can reverse the acidic and inflammation conditions in your body (Increases alkalinity for optimal results)


7.) Provides a plant based and natural source of electrolytes (say, “bye-bye” to the artificially flavored sports drinks)


8.) Neutralizes different classes of free radicals floating around in your blood stream (this helps you in the long run by boosting your immune system response to internal threats)


9.) Detoxifies your body and cells removing (or chelating) heavy metals from your body (Heavy metals can be found in things like fish and brown rice sourced from China)


10.) Increases endurance, stamina, and a sense of well-being through optimal nutrient balancing (sounds like a “win-win-win” to me)


11.) Helps regulate hormones, which includes those responsible for stress, sleep cycles, metabolism, and mood (who doesn’t need to stay more grounded?)


The Top 5 Benefits of Humic Acid

Humic acid in combination with fulvic acid is hard to find, but it’s rich and dark color is a dead give away and adds additional benefits below:

1.) Helps support intestine and colon health through its unique molecular structure (Small in size, Big on Benefits)


2.) Provides the building blocks for the production of digestive enzymes (they help you break down food)


3.) Provides fiber to cleanse and detoxify your gut (helps push bulk out)


4.) Nourishes the intestinal flora with plant based and cell ready nutrients (this is your internal jungle/eco system that is very delicate)


5.) Helps to eliminate candida albicans and other harmful microbes from your digestive tract (health and disease starts in your gut)


How To Use Trace Minerals Effectively

It’s important to start with a lower dose of trace minerals due to the strong cleansing function of humic acid. You’ll want to always take this supplement with chlorine-free water and wait anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour between taking any medications or other supplements (to be on the safe side).


This is because fulvic acid has the ability to open up cells better for more absorption, which could potentially cause some issues with other things you are using. The good news is that you may be able to minimize or eliminate other medications or supplements over time with permission from your doctor as your symptoms get better.


What Are Trace Minerals Made Up Of?GSG Life Trace Minerals with Vegan Starter Kit

Trace minerals are found in varying amounts from batch to batch since it’s an organic product and is naturally taken from ancient plant deposits deep inside the earth. Fulvic and humic acids contain trace amounts of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes. 


The true value comes in how the nutrients are given to your cells rather than the specific amount of any one nutrient that is present.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the GSG Trace Minerals Supplement:

1.) Antimony

2.) Barium

3.) Beryllium

4.) Bismuth

5.) Boron

6.) Bromine

7.) Calcium

8.) Cadmium

9.) Carbonate

10.) Cerium

11.) Cesium

12.) Chloride

13.) Chromium

14.) Cobalt

15.) Copper

16.) Dysprosium

17.) Erbium

18.) Europium

19.) Gadolinium

20.) Gallium

21.) Germanium

22.) Gold

23.) Hafnium

24.) Holmium

25.) Indium

26.) Iodine

27.) Iridium

28.) Iron

29.) Lanthanum

30.) Lead

31.) Lithium

32.) Lutetium

33.) Magnesium

34.) Manganese

35.) Molybdenum

36.) Neodymium

37.) Nickel

38.) Niobium

39.) Osmium

40.) Palladium

41.) Phosphorus

42.) Platinum

43.) Potassium

44.) Praseodymium

45.) Rhenium

46.) Rhodium

47.) Rubidium

48.) Ruthenium

49.) Samarium

50.) Scandium

51.) Selenium

52.) Silicon

53.) Silver

54.) Sodium

55.) Strontium

56.) Sulfate/Sulfur

57.) Tantalum

58.) Tellurium

59.) Terbium

60.) Thallium

61.) Thorium

62.) Thulium

63.) Tin

64.) Titanium

65.) Tungsten

66.) Vanadium

67.) Ytterbium

68.) Yttrium

69.) Zinc

70.) Zirconium


Summary So FarWhat are trace minerals

The GSG Trace minerals supplement comes in a 4 oz. glass bottle with a dropper for convenient dosing and serves as a powerful addition to smoothies, juices, or chlorine free water. It’s also virtually odorless and tasteless, which is nice since it basically takes on the flavor of whatever you mix it with.


Last, but not least, it’s vegan, free of allergens, yeast-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. 


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is check out my other blog reviews on supplements that can take your smoothie or juice to another level from a taste and nutrition standpoint (see related posts below for more details).


When you are ready to but some, feel free to send me an email at and I can walk you through the easiest way and help you save 10% on your order.


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